12pm - 12am



Age: 24
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 160CM
Weight: 48kg
Measurement: 32D
Service: FULL GFE
Rates: $220/30mins $300/45mins $400/60mins
Location: Downtown


Step into the enchanting world of the alluring Lana, our captivating VIP Asian goddess. With her youth and irresistible charm, Lana is a combination of cute and sexy. Innocent yet daring, Lana exudes a coquettish energy that ignites desire. Her silky, snow-white skin, huge 32D breasts, plump ass, and bodacious body tempts exploration, promising a good experience. Beneath her sweet exterior lies a wild, ready to indulge your every fantasy. With Lana, every moment is an adventure and every touch is a revelation. Surrender to her allure and discover a world of pleasure beyond imagination. Highly recommended!!! Attempts of verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten, or injure any of the ladies, will not be tolerated. Local law enforcement will be contacted. 准备好进入美丽而又迷人的幻境了吗 新晋VIP亚洲女神Lana,有着青春靓丽不可抗拒的魅力。 Lana是可爱与性感的代名词, 时刻散发着能点燃欲火的妖艳魅力。 柔滑雪白的肌肤上有着32D巨乳和丰满的翘臀,时刻诱惑着你想一睹真容 天真无邪的外表下隐藏着一颗躁动而有奔放的心,不要被她甜美的外貌所迷惑,她是狂野的代名词,能满足你的每一个幻想,和Lana在一起,每一刻都是惊喜,每一次接触都能迸发出新的激情,来征服她,发现一个超乎想象的快乐天堂 墙裂推荐 我们决不容忍任何对女士们进行言语上的虐待、恐吓、威胁或伤害的行为。我们将会联系当地执法部门。

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