12pm - 12am

Japanese Mayu


Age: 22
Ethnicity: JAPAN
Height: 157CM
Weight: 47KG
Measurement: 34C
Service: FULL GFE, Free CIM for more than 45 mins. Please free to ask special services
Rates: $220/30mins $300/45mins $400/60mins
Location: Markham


新到日本学生妹妹Mayu,可爱的背后藏着满满的欲望。典型的反差,擅长挑逗瞬间可以让气氛升温。服务态度极好,并且拥有着极高的服务技巧。 如此可爱的日系学生小妹,快来约会呀~ 45分钟以上口爆免费。毒龙和其他特殊服务详情咨询小客服哦。 我们绝不会容忍试图对任何女士进行辱骂、恐吓、威胁或伤害的行为。我们将联系当地执法部门。 Mayu, New arrived Japanese student, has a lot of desires hidden behind her cuteness. A typical contrast, good at teasing and instantly heating up the atmosphere. Her service attitude is excellent and she has extremely high service skills. Such a cute Japanese student girl, come and date~ CIM for more than 45 minutes is free. Please contact customer service for details about other special services. Attempts to verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten, or injure any of the ladies, we will not be tolerated. Local law enforcement will be contacted.

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