12pm - 12am

Korean Bella


Age: 22
Ethnicity: Korean
Height: 167cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurement: Natural E
Service: FULL Dating, GFE
Rates: $220/30mins $300/45mins $400/60mins
Location: Downtown


Korean horny girl, Amazing GFE and Super Skilled Girl. Soft and Creamy, adorable and sweet, beautiful and stunning. Please have a Taste of this natural Wonder, every minute will be worth your time. Impossible to resist her temptation. Attempts to verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten, or injure any of the ladies, we will not be tolerated. Local law enforcement will be contacted. 通体无暇白瓷般肌肤,吹弹可破滑不溜手,性格单纯爱笑女友感强,服务态度极好不事不机车不高傲,开朗乖巧懂事听话。又甜又SAO满满胶原蛋白的高颜值! 是哥哥们不容错过的性爱玩偶。 我们绝不会容忍试图对任何女士进行辱骂、恐吓、威胁或伤害的行为。我们将联系当地执法部门。

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