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Age: 22
Height: 167cm
Weight: 49kg
Measurement: 32D Natural
Service: Full Dating, GFE
Rates: 600/Hour
Location: North York


柔软S型小腰可一手揽起翩翩起舞, 性格风趣开朗 甜甜的欲女模样, 还拥有紧致小洞穴 敏感多汁瞬间进入高潮状态,本地留学生,长腿貌美女神,真实学生~纯天然啵啵~长头发~大眼睛~大街超高的回头率~在任何地方都是备受男生瞩目的女孩子哦~高挑大长腿~翘翘的电臀~S曲线型~天生的模特黄金比例好身材 我们绝不会容忍试图对任何女士进行辱骂、恐吓、威胁或伤害的行为。我们将联系当地执法部门。 Soft and caring, Unforgettable Fun .You'll love what you see. You'll Love what you play .You won't find no other beside me. I am a natural wonder you don't want to miss out. Discover me, You'll fall for it! You'll trap to it! Challenge is ON! Attempts to verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten, or injure any of the ladies, we will not be tolerated. Local law enforcement will be contacted. 网站提供照片均为类似照片,百分之90可以恰当的描述妹子外貌特征,出于对妹子的隐私安全保护,我们不提供妹子真实照片,请哥哥们谅解! As personal reason, our shop won't show her real photos .But the Photos we provide is 90% close to her.

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